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Specialized in import and export of freight all over the world.

The core activities are focussed on Portugal, Cape Verde islands and other Portugese speaking
countries like Mozambique, Guinee-Bissau, Sao Tomé en Principe, Brazil, East Timor and Angola.

S-cargo is doing everything it needs to continue to develop within this industry and to become one of the
best as time goes on. S-cargo has the youthfulness, dynamic and perseverance to offer the client the
best service possible. S-cargo’s partnership with Voz Di Rua and CIP will add the needen and necessary

We are part of the community!

As sons of Cape Verdean migrants its only natural to have a strong connection with Cape Verde and the
community which originates from Cape Verde. Allthough this community is relatively small, it is a strong
and close community. S-cargo wants to make this connection even stronger and has partners and
friends like Voz Di Rua and CIP at her side who are already made big steps the last couple of years to
realise this goal. S-cargo is honored to have them as friends!

"Easy to work with and very reliable."
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Klant van S-Cargo

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