About Us

One day, as the youngest of the brothers, I was presented with this concept an asked “what do you think and would like to join us?” The only thing that i could think of was “of course!” How wonderfull is it to start a business company with your brothers no matter the outcome? What started with al lot of talking, exchanging ideas and thinking, has grown into real company with a solid foundation. With the trust, help, responsibility and support we give eachother, we plan to make this a success. We intend to help the consumer the best way possible by providing the best service and to enjoy it. I believe in S-cargo, do you? Image of Zeky
I'm the middle of the three whom is closely involved within the organization. As part of the board I'm actively busy leading S-cargo on a daily basis. Behind the curtains there's a lot of work being done. Making the business plan was a lot of work and basically it's never finished. Especially because you're always trying to think a couple of steps ahead, improve and innovate. It's because this is a family business that i feel blessed and proud to be doing this together with my brothers. It's the reason that S-cargo is'nt just a company of passion and pride, but a company driven by blood. This is the result of brotherhood. Image of Zeky
As the oldest of the three it's my responsibilty to guide my brothers in daily life. In this case as (indepedent) entrepreneur. “Success is the result of hard work, but working hard does not always lead to success” is my motto. Determination is equally as important. When starting S-cargo I fell a couple of times, but I always got back on my feet to search for new ways to succeed. To be able to reach our goals with the next attempt. S-cargo stands for teamwork and perseverance. Successful or not, I'm proud that my brothers never give up. That's why I'll never give up on them! Image of Zeky